PaperArt is a unique way to congratulate people. Whether you're a destined designer or someone who's barely touched a paper, our app will make you love crafting. It's all about one thing... A postcard with a part of your soul!

PaperArt is based on the idea of scrapbooking - a method of preserving, presenting, arranging personal and family history in the form of a book, box, or card. It's a hobby commonly known and practiced in many parts of the world.

Ranged in topics, the app let you choose the necessary theme for the holiday you are celebrating. In addition to the fact that you get a stunning greeting card, PaperArt gives you the opportunity to the great stress relief. Focusing on finding the right color or a suitable shape helps you cheer up or just relax. PaperArt is for all from baby to adult, from men and women, from housekeepers to white collars - for all those who have the love of beauty.

Make the PaperArt your hobby!



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